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remember to kiss the moopsy poo
I hate you. *sniff* It's so pretty...

Btw, I was talking to Maya after tute yesterday and happened to mention that I use a Mac, and she said she was thinking of buying one! I think she's quite gian already.. just emailed her a few links, to the Switch site and to the educational pricing. Hee.
hahaha yeah i have lusted over it since it came out quite some time ago.... quite happy =)

yeah and it was bought using the educational pricing thingy. can save quite a few hundred... shucks i am still quite lost about my essay.. good luck with yours!
I still prefer the old iMac G3s, the ones that look like gumdrops. Retro flavours! Hoping to score a 2nd hand iMac DV Ruby when I go back to SG.

And I dunno what essay you talking about man, I have like a shitload of books from the Bailieu all over my floor and haven't read them yet. Dieeee.
yeah i love those too... uni mel was getting rid of them last year for like really cheap under 100 bucks but when i was there they were all sold out haha... find on ebay quite easy to find

i havent even borrowed much books