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remember to kiss the moopsy poo
please also notice the GREEN colour wallet at the side!

Like a Boy...
how come ur green wallet so thick onee?!?!?1
kekekeke mine is flat.
hahahaha cos inside i put alot of rubbish... gonna throw it out make it slimmer =)
no le..

the wallet represent the master, errr... mistress... big and chunky.. muscle muscle..

i prefer to be slim and pretty like you
hahahahahahahaahahahah. so boy hor mei!! hahahaha
yada yada! i am always boy boy
yes lor..

so 'garcon'!
Comme DE Garcon wor!
as if you dun have!
people work hard for it wor....
reverse parking...

omg, u people have such sharp eyes!
i thought it was a packet of tissue

congrats on the new imac - i was lusting after one sometime back too.

i wonder which country sells macs the cheapest :P
yeah lor. the picture of the wallet's unintentional.

anyway US's definitely the cheapest... aussie cheaper than singapore also becos of the educational savings thingy =)