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Even though my new job as a parking attendant is kinda derogatory and boring, I get to interact with all sorts of Australians.

They are basically nice, chatty, and white in general. Even though I've come across some assholes who refuse to pay (and my they are really bad liars) I've learned to be more plastic, or in other words, chatty in general.

I surprised myself by initiating a chat with a lady about how cold the weather has become. " Oh it's kinda getting chilly out there isn't it?" And we started to talk for five minutes, which of course I regretted straight away. Well at least it makes my life easier working there as a silly looking and rather helpless boy.

Gotta work for 13 hours tomorrow. Must think of some new pick up lines in case there's a cute boy boy prancing along.
-pulls monkey ear-
i am sure the uniform is doing loads for your sex life....
yeah yeah very funny. u r the hantu teh teh lor.

but ok lar the uniform quite cute =P
where are u working leh?
it's at a hospital in East melbourne. =)
wear a "reverse parking" shirt or "free parking" across your aussiebum shorts!
hahahaha very funny! and i have no aussiebum shorts!
think comme des garcon next next next next week!!! when our exams are done! muaks!
so what colour did you buy did you buy did you buy??
wah you're a parking attendant!??! not bad not bad!!!
got uniform and all to boot or not?
no boots lar. hahaha but yeah got uniform. look quite boy boy. but not as boy boy as you lor
work at safeway or coles lah! can meet more cuties :P or gay couples shopping for groceries...
wanted to actually. but this job was so fast to accept me so i go with it lor. doesnt pay awful also.
u coming next year rite? hahaha u can come and park at my lot
Hahahahah new pick up lines huh???
str8 away ask how is their sex life lor.. and if they tried S&M lor.... :) am sure u will have a wonderful conversation with them... :)
THAT .... I only do it with you baby!
It's not derogatory! I have a few relatives doing that in Ipoh, just a little boring! I wish I can go chill with you at the car park too!
trust me. it's not a place to chill! at least it's cooling here hee
well, you can always say something like....That'll be $7 [please....$10 if you want me *wink*
hahahaha unfortunately most of them are female nurses ... boo hoo
Heya, Germaine here. Added you.
Don't you just LOVE how these Aussies can pull so much small talk out of their arses thin air? :P