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Today's presentation was horrible. The article I was supposed to present (some kind of Lacan psychoanalytical shit) made me more confused than ever, in front of my tutorial mates. It's been a long times since I blushed. What the hell. At least the tutor found it (the article itself) rather incomprehensible and irrelevant. What a consolation.

Doesn't really help that I am going to have another presentation about gender representation in video games in about 36 hours time and I am not really prepared. Can't really do much more preparation tomorrow since I am going to work as a carpark attendant from 1430 – 2300. Well, at least it pays A$15.20/hr (before tax). Maybe I should fake a panic attack this friday, hoping that I will get away with it.

I really need to party soon.
Wah.. the pay's pretty good!

Good luck!
pay not as good as SQ allowances lor =P
hee hee

Good luck to dotter too!
bring an ipod and/or a book with you.
maybe bengy can join you as well.


yeah will bring a book along. and some thing hard along

come aussie and visit then! ;)
kekeke see you at work tomorrow!
for 3 hours, at least :P
keke hopefully we will be stationed at the same place lor
wah... pay so good!!!

or else how to fly back to sg =P
You going back same time as me? =)

MiMi~!!!! MissMiss~!!!
i wish lor. not going back leh... you say wanna come visit me also no haf! boo hoo!
Huh? Den why you say how else fly back to sg?
Me planning next Mardi Gras come visit you wor wor~! =)
work hard, save hard..

sandstorm sandstorm!
wah! thats damn good lor.
I hate to find out how much they charge for parking. ;P
(remember to wear the auntie parking attendant hat hor!)
they dun have auntie hat one ok! and i wear shirt and jumper hahaha

erm they charge like 5 dollars/hr... and they dun have anything called car park full. they will squeeze in the cars no matter how many cars come in
KELLY! come and move your body, come and shake come and shake it baby!!!!!! cant wait to party with you soon!!
YES! finally got you in a party mood. not like last time you just sit there and dance! hahahaa
My poor daddy is feeling stress yet want to destress it soon right???? Then quickly come back lor.... KL was SO SO FUN!!!! :) Heheheheheeh Miss you damn badly lor.... arrggghhhh
yeah lor. thought you say you not going to KL ??? HMPH
HAahahha it was so last min that i decided to go ..... now waiting for you to come back and we start partying again lor... :P