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Panic Attack

Today's presentation was horrible. The article I was supposed to present (some kind of Lacan psychoanalytical shit) made me more confused than ever, in front of my tutorial mates. It's been a long times since I blushed. What the hell. At least the tutor found it (the article itself) rather incomprehensible and irrelevant. What a consolation.

Doesn't really help that I am going to have another presentation about gender representation in video games in about 36 hours time and I am not really prepared. Can't really do much more preparation tomorrow since I am going to work as a carpark attendant from 1430 – 2300. Well, at least it pays A$15.20/hr (before tax). Maybe I should fake a panic attack this friday, hoping that I will get away with it.

I really need to party soon.
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