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It's ok to have moustache, but not "ti ko" ones like mine. Uneven and concentrated on the outskirts.
Imagine a chinese priest. So there, I bought these wax strips from the pharmacy to wax off my moustache.
It looked squeaky nice and clean, erm like last night! Then this morny I woke up to find a patch of rashes above my right lips.
Nice. cowie says it looks like Cindy's best friend.

What a good way to start off a new week of tutorials showing off me myself and cindy.
waxing? i'm sooo not into that.
hmmm i know you are not into S&M mah. but this is different lar.

count yourself lucky you dun have ti ko moustaches. look so young
actually i have ti ko moustaches lor, but i shave them off.
then there will be stubs.... and you will look ti ko! that's why i decided to wax them off.
too troublesome. and grows too fast
aiyoh, wax is so last century.
try estrogen pills like me!
then u-been hair free everywhere!
tee hee :)
well! that's because I do not have the chance to go down BKK to dance party and inject hormones mah!

boo hoo!
er... who's cindy? is this some adult insider joke thing?
ya i also wanna know.
ms crawford... the mole above her lips?
but hers is a mole.. yours is like little red bumps.. different la!
you ask your corny mother lor! Hahahaha she says so one mah not me !
no sonny. it's cindy crawford.
erm, maybe you used the wrong type of wax or didn't use a soothing lotion afterwards?
no leh... not the wrong type. and erm i aint got no soothing lotion to put on i suppose. silly me. looks like blood clot now .. hope it will go away soon..
put johnson's baby lotion
aint got no johnson's baby lotion leh. no babies at home
dont grow mustache, grow a beard..how manly can?? =D
or maybe not..
i am how manly hurhurhur!!! dun be notti i come back pluck your hair
better to distract them from your lips.
(you got right lipS and left lips one ah?
and you're worrying about a patch of rashes!)