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You've gotta go on

For almost a year i did not visit a doctor, yet in 3 days i visited 2 doctors. having bloody stomach cramps ( no it's not what you think ), and the doctor said it should be gastric, which i thought was crazy when i am already eating so much... if not, it might be something wrong with my liver.
But it's not funny that i have to gorge down maggi mee and peanut butter with bread in the middle of the night to ease the pain, it's not good for my tummy.

I know it sounds crap, then i went to see a specialist at SGH just now, cos my mum was worried when i told her there are blood streaks in my phlegm for the past few days. So i paid S$70 for the respiratory specialist consultant, $42 for two large xrays, $32 for antibiotics ( for 3 days only ) and i have an appointment 2 weeks later to see if i am still ok.

Currently the diagnosis is that my lungs appear healthy and the doctor has no idea why there is blood, cos i have a medical history of PTB. He said if the blood persists, they will have to do a probe down my throat to check for cancerous cells that can't be seen by the x-ray. Well it may be lung cancer ... or throat cancer... or liver cancer...

Until 2 weeks later, i might post my last LJ before i can Camp in at the disgusting SGH waiting for images for my past 22 years to flash within my mind in a second.

Well, it may be consumption.. call me a hypochondriac. But living life too long... makes one to see the world getting uglier...

It may be a blessing to die when you are the happiest.

"sorry mum"

"you've gotta go on christian, you've got so much more to give"

"tell our story, that way, i'll always be with you"
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