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First time there.

Unfortunately I did not venture into some parts of phillip island cos dogs are not allowed. bengy sitting is more impt.

cow's pictures were taken down cos he claimed that the photos were not flattering. so yeah, they were taken out by force
so nice so nice!
very..family holiday!
btw, i see you using a jacktan photography profile pic...tee hee
yes.. i noe you had saw them.
what pictures were you taking at his place?

never show me! hee hee
the last pic is so ...... sweet =)
actually i didnt realise it as sweetness. but yeah, i see where you are coming from...

thanks darling!
You are looking impossibly young. Biotherem? SKII? HGH? Share le!
eh. botox? hee hee

you need some too!
the horse going to eat bengy!
funny thing is bengy was so afraid of the horse. and the horse was actually very curious and quite friendly.

until he got bored of bengy and just stode off.. haha
now you see it, now you don't. I thought I see the cow.

no photos of the cow without photoshopping first!
you look like a young kid.
hair's getting long.

*la la nag*

getting older so have to find ways to make myself look younger.

then again i have only left sg for like 3 weeks. doesnt make that much of the difference la.

it's the scenery that's nice and refreshing. =)

why is cowie so far away from u both at last pix...
it took me awhile to realise your joke!! hahahahahahaha
Wow.. long time no see bengy liao!! :D

Nice pics! and i love the 1st best.. when bengy "greets" the horse.. :)
it's actually horse greeting bengy. cos bengy was so terrified i had to pick bengy up.

he was barking incessantly.
awwww... bengy is all grown up... :)
tee hee. he is now 1 year 3 mths old.

and poor boy has no balls. but very well behaved now =)
very nice! I like the last picture best!
you and bengy hugging!
Do more picture posts like this!
eh? naked ones??
last pic is best!

one qn - is that guy in red "Kyan"?
Seem to have seen his pic before somewhere.
yup. he's kyan and my room mate.

do you erh hem er hem ??
wah you look younger and younger!
nice pics!! very cute!
haha i never photoshop leh. the pics look younger so cannot see the wrinkles lor. hahaha

come and visit me in april hor. u promise one!
why never take piccies of the penguins??? boo hoo!!!

did you take an emu ride??? they're such fun! :P
actually i did not take piccies of penguins ( cos i didnt watch them in the first place )

cos dogs not allowed mah boo hoo!
i miss my daddy! but why is you looking so weird in the third photo. hmm.
weird as in what? haha i was looking towards my left lor when the picture was taken. hee
Where that? Animal farm? Got cow, got dog, got horsie and got monkey. =)
but dun have old bitch riding on a pony leh!

i want my old bitch! boo hoo