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Wise Old A:
三十六计 跑为上计
The best strategy is to escape.
When he could not decide he ran away.
He stayed alive till he was 85.

Wise Old B:
You do not find peace by avoiding life.
So she looked life in the face.
And she chose death. At the age of 59.

Who is the wiser one?
i tot it is "zhou wei shang ji", not "pao".

probably nowadays people prefer to "run", rather than just "walk"
really really? i always hear pao leh. but my mandarin not v gd also...
Face it. Bear the cross. Live.
then stick with what you believe.

everything will turn out fine. =)
B. it's one of those qns everyone asks. Live short and glorious lives, or long and uneventful ones.
Yeah! hi5
Whats the use of a long but tepid life?

B. (im sure you knew)
and i am sure which option i will choose.

we belong to the same sch of thoughts. i think
live to run away
or live to face the reality? =)
face reality..

let's get real (oops, Not J. Lo, get real, get real)..

then when life is shitty you'd rather die?
it has occured. i'm still alive.

life's a bed of roses...

methinks they're both wise in their own ways.
they defined their own boundaries and ended up happy in their own terms.

exactly. words from the wise one...

it's all subjective...
i didn't run away. i didn't! :(

and you know what, some people can do both at the same time.
i didn't say it's you ah. so sensitive...

the flame which burns the brightest burns the shortest
yeah. highest moments/ happiest moments always last the shortest rite?