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If this happens I will so die in ecstacy


Scottish actor EWAN McGREGOR is urging movie bosses to make a sequel to his movie musical debut MOULIN ROUGE!

McGregor was so impressed by the surreal filming experience created by Australian director BAZ LUHRMANN, he is keen to reprise his 2001 role as poet CHRISTIAN opposite OSCAR-winner NICOLE KIDMAN.

He says, "I've never done anything like it. There's never been anything like it. The opportunity to sing and dance and be part of a company like that. It felt like we were in the circus.

It was an extraordinary experience going to work every day - the colour, the music, the crazy Baz. It was fantastic. I'd do it all again tomorrow. I'd be quite happy to make Moulin Rouge! II."
maybe Christian becomes the Maharajah's boy bitch.
that will make him cry for more!
why can't he fall in love with another gal? who dies again from the same fate?

or with a happy ending?
becos nicole kidman wun be around? boo hoo!
no, becos if there's a happy ending, then it won't be the tragic fatalistic movie that we love. "the heroine must die!"
why are people so drawn to tragedies???

sigh... oh bah....at least people like you around make my life one step towards perfection......

miss you SOOOOOOOOOOOO much