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Strange dreams only happen in Melbourne, apparently. God it's been a long time I experienced such vivid dreams.

Nightmare 1: I was refused entry to Kelly Chen's concert because I did not have my tickets with me.
I rushed home to retreive my tickets and when I rushed back, my tickets are still gone.
It's totally no-sense nonsense but trusty me, it was really freaky.

Nightmare 2: My mum decided to buy a bigger place in Kembangan. I almost lost my breathe when
my grandmother and my uncle's family had already moved in with us when I returned home.
Worse still, my mother decided that my room should'nt have a door so that I cannot bring
whoever I wanna bring back home to er hem. It was so bad that I was smoking two ciggies
in my mouth at the same time.

I think Zyban® is really driving me crazy.
Weird dreams u have alright!
a bit too weird... dun you have weird dreams? i really wonder what do they mean
Yes, but i always forget them.
I just had a weird one last week.

Will post the description next time i get a weird dream
woof woof ..
bad dreams will go away..
tee hee thanks. you are very cute... must bring bengy to meet you one day
dunch go to bed on a full stomach! *PANT, PANT*
you mean cosmos... =P
The KellyChen nightmare is quite scary leh, better not happen in real life leh
only YOU will understand how scary it was lor hahaha
I am sorry to hear about your doorless room.

welll, maybe u should it anyway with or without the door
hee hee you very cute.

it was a dream... =P
got door also no use.
other people can
1. use key and open up! GASPS!
2. peep through the glass top of the door and see the scandal inside.
must have double lock inside.. lock from inside sure safe...

you seem very experienced with doors and locks huh? piak