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Seeing some of my friends on webcam finally made me realised I am tad homesick

4 more episodes and I am done with SATC with getridofme. Lovely, heartbreaking and close to my heart

Took my first dose of zyban®. Whether it's gonna work again it doesn't matter. It's the journey, not the destination. Perhaps not?

bengy is good. He will start updating his LJ again.

Damn it. Broke a martini glass ( I wasn't drunk ).

Five day week. Excluding lectures 3 day week. Duh.
I want to webcam...

...with your friends too!
Hur hur .. i want to webcam with your friends too!

*trips* very funny!!
we change places lah!
what is that u are taking...hmmmmm
some sort of anti depressant drug that can aid quitting ciggies.. hee hee
i want le! i trying to quit too
haha ask from doc. we brought it over from singapore one mah... but not cheap i think haha
I miss my aunty! =(
here's a pic to remember her by :)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I saw that!!
you bring the bikinis, i'll bring the mud.
let's slug it out. *huff huff* *puff puff* ;p
I'll let you win.
you can be the auntie.
MuackS~! MuackS~!

Me webcam with ya~!
eh you got webcam???
I got my minolta which doubles as a webcam.

:: GriN ::
wow!!! okay okay!!! but you must let jiawei noe cos he controls the pc.. i dun have webcam on my mac..

i heard you've become very hunky so must see how you look like
HUH??? Since when I hunky?? Who say one?

Anyhow say, tsk tsk.
now then you SATC, very passe already ler!!!
aiyoh you noe i hardly watch tv serials.. hahahaha so now then finally got time to finish it mah..

it's sooooooooo gooooooood i can die man!