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So many words but I can't seem to write them down.

To those whom I haven't got a chance to say bye bye, take care and be good.
Will miss all of you guys really badly.
bye to you and cowie...take good care of urself...
thank you.. maybe i will get to see you the next time round hurhur
*the first one to wave*

eek Wince was a minute earlier.

haha..of coz..i haven met him to say goodbye..so of coz mst be the first to say bye to him in LJ...:P he is my lao peng you leh...
type faster next time..

*sniffs* *sobz*
zai jian....hao hao zhao gu one another.
yes yes i will milk the cow everyday .. =)
yong gong du su!
ni ye shi! *hugs* stay pretty!
Remember to kiss Bengy for me as promised
of cos! come visit again !
didnt get to spend much time with you this time round, but you know me lah..hahahah..so take care woh da ge and da sao/ge =] *grin*
it's ok... you are not that bo sim i noe.. =O) muaks will miss ya!
got your sms after i left SG... was good to see you on saturday! hehehe... surprised wor! :-)
free lodging in sydney!!!
got free air tix?? keke
Guess i was the first one to say byebye to you and JW.... and i really miss u all alot... Feeling horrible now after being away for 2wks now... Go back with all my good frens being away..... *Sobz*
I Miss You!!
...... mimi~ mimi~ mimi~
.... no more reason for parties..... =(
so did you party yesterday??? heh heh