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Chinese New Year is a festive season that most AJs hate. The interrogations from gossipy and nosy relatives alone are enough to drive me mad.

However, as I look at their lives, their not so special and normal lives, I realise that everyone has their own problems and respective disgraces. Their teachings that tormented our childhood continues to work subconsciously to haunt our adulthood. On the front they seem confident, knowledgable and righteous. But deep inside, most of them I know are jaded from the battles they lost in reality.

Be yourself. I became irresistably thrilled from the thought of 'coming out' in a very queen way in front of my relatives. Perhaps they will be shocked beyond comprehension, but I believe, it will make my future Chinese New Years less intolerable.

Whatever it is, I am going out on a quest to be happier at Happy.
bu bu gao sheng! (rising on all occasions!)
Happy New Year Mimi.

happy chinese new year dear

鸡年行大运, 恭喜恭喜!
Going there can only make you Happy, not HAPPIER. =)
xue ye jin bu!
gong xi fa chai......
ang pow nah lai...... hehehehehehehe :D
when u coming back .....
happy cny to you babe. ha. at least it's not the other way around- your family is trying to weasel the fact that you're gay out of you in that insiduous auntie kinda way.