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Don't Ask, Don't Tell
I don't know about you. But I know I am.
We are all sluts who wants the best of everything... kekeke
Yes we are.

but there's a difference between HC sluts and LC sluts
like hello?
class wars & communism are so passe.

or if you so insist,
perhaps you are as HC as well, 20-cents per entry public toilet?
oh yes.. better than those free toilets eh ?
ah but then :P
all you need is love??

I heard from gerri that your er hem a**h*** has been very sore recently
huh where gottt.... ???? i've been a good boy la... still very innocent, don't know what u talking about.
always act coy. pui!
yah loh i agree, pui pui
Y E S ! ! !
of cos. you are the mother of all sluts !!!
aiyah this kind of thing still need to say meh... *blush*
i am just reminding myself i am nothing compared to the great astro haha
*raises hands*
out and proud. hurhur
nothing much to hide. now if only i get as much sex as a proper slut. sigh
oh yes... jots down new year resolutions
need u ask the obvious?
eh. are you one too? you dun give me the impression you are mah
oh, i tot u asking us whether you are a slut..hahha...

aiyah, me too lah, dpds on mood and occassion lor.
piak! so rude! i WISH i am a slut.
but i am how virgin hurhur
i am! i am!!!

in fact juz did a very slutty thing today.... n now regretting like crazy.
it's alrite. put all the nice and bad things behind you. always look forward\!
yuppiez! thanx...
aren't we?

let's go back to melbourne..

over there, we are not..

hahahaha it's hard to say darling. what if we turn to each other for help!? hahahah

come i help u take out ur shirt and pants..