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When I was a kid I used to love durians until I got terribly sick after a durian feast with my family.

Yesterday's durian feast with kutabare and jaz_aug at Bugis just reminded me why I should hate and avoid durians. Despite smelling like a durian for the whole night, I am now feeling sick. I feel like vomitting. The malibu sunrise and long island tea at Mox didn't help of cos.

I need to puke. Urgh!
I used to love durians alot when I was younger... not now though. Kinda hate the smell.
yes they stink.... no wonder mrt bans them
not only mrt lehz... hotels oso....
hmmm, it's probably too late for this but my fren told me that durians and alcohol doesnt go well together...

take care! :D
liu lian ooooong...... liu lian ooooooooong.....

Better go for a check-up cos u might be pregnant. :P
Ooo, give me all your lu lians!
no wakeboarding ah?
Durians!! Woohoo..
This is the season to be jolly~ lalalalalallalala~
Liu Lian with rice~!!! Ah Velly Nice~!!!

ha, u know what?! that was exactly how i hated durians too!!!
hmm interesting you should say that about durians, but when i have a lot makes me wanna keep on shitting, does it have same effect on you??