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After a year long, i think i have finished much of my Moulin Rouge! collection. Just collected my Moulin Rouge! book from borders which costs me S$61.50 ( call me crazy ) yesterday and delivered to me by cowie... And please stop asking me to change my repetoir. I live my life the bohemian way! Truth Beauty Freedom..... and above ALL things... LOVE... (KEKEKE)

1.MR! Book
2.MR! DVD australian PAL version
3.MR! OST 1
4.MR! OST 2
5.MR! VCD ( got it when the DVD ain't out yet )
6.MR! Singles - Lady Marmalade
7.MR! Singles - Come What May
8.MR! DVD US collector's version ( but a pirated one.. Shit! )

I think i am missing out the single - One day i'll fly away, and shit, can anyone tell me what i am missing? And yes, i want the TSHIRT badly too.... Saw the MOULIN ROUGE! t-shirt at centro, envious to the fullest.
waliao...din noe u wan the moulin rouge t-shirt.saw it in bangkok, susan bgt one wat.u see if anyone gng bangkok(patpong) den ask to help buy.it comes with the lovely cylindrical tin like trainspotting!
even though i like the trainspotting tshirt muchly, you should noe how much more i adore the MR! tshirt... sigh you shld've bought me that!! haha.... who is going to bangkok ???
let's go to bangkok!!!!
not enough dough for europe....
really when? i want !! haha maybe year end ok ? let's go shop shop shop!