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After a year long, i think i have finished much of my Moulin Rouge! collection. Just collected my Moulin Rouge! book from borders which costs me S$61.50 ( call me crazy ) yesterday and delivered to me by cowie... And please stop asking me to change my repetoir. I live my life the bohemian way! Truth Beauty Freedom..... and above ALL things... LOVE... (KEKEKE)

1.MR! Book
2.MR! DVD australian PAL version
3.MR! OST 1
4.MR! OST 2
5.MR! VCD ( got it when the DVD ain't out yet )
6.MR! Singles - Lady Marmalade
7.MR! Singles - Come What May
8.MR! DVD US collector's version ( but a pirated one.. Shit! )

I think i am missing out the single - One day i'll fly away, and shit, can anyone tell me what i am missing? And yes, i want the TSHIRT badly too.... Saw the MOULIN ROUGE! t-shirt at centro, envious to the fullest.
oh, you really don't want me to tell you what you're missing...
haha TELL ME! hahaha TELL ME TELL ME
Click here
OH SHIT OH SHIT!!! there are so many things i am missing out!!! haha hmmmm wait till i strike toto i will finish this collection...
Goodness!! how obsessed can one get with MR?? and i thought i was bad with the DVD and poster....tsk tsk....get satine panties too!! *narf* hehe
Well, i think there are people who are more obsessed with that than me. At least this is a healthy collection .... haha as for the panties, if you can get them my size i will gladly parade it infront of you... and btw, i think they have CORSETS instead of panties.. haha
Hahahah the word "love" is confirm good and great...but sometimes love is not the word and not so healthy... Just got back from the camp for awhile.....see so nice of me give u comment on ur journal... :)
wah first time... hmmm i dunno... maybe it's not healthy i dunno about that.. but definitely i am not going to live without it... ya? haha : )
waliao...din noe u wan the moulin rouge t-shirt.saw it in bangkok, susan bgt one wat.u see if anyone gng bangkok(patpong) den ask to help buy.it comes with the lovely cylindrical tin like trainspotting!
even though i like the trainspotting tshirt muchly, you should noe how much more i adore the MR! tshirt... sigh you shld've bought me that!! haha.... who is going to bangkok ???
let's go to bangkok!!!!
not enough dough for europe....
really when? i want !! haha maybe year end ok ? let's go shop shop shop!