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Went JB two days in a row! Yesterday went with tim, and i went today with cowie, mark and tim.

Today was really fun. Ate so many things! Fabulous laksa, 2 goreng pisang, 3 curry puffs, one double choc from dunkin donuts, the sour cream with onion dough from auntie anne's, lotsa lemonade and dinner which consisted of herbal chicken, sambal veg, pai kut wong, steam fish - hong kong style, pepper crabs, steamed prawns with garlic... and it ended with beer. Luckily i popped two doses of XENICAL today. ( the oil that really comes out.... ewww )

Bought DVDs which i spent quite a bomb on... The English Patient, Birthday Girl, The Sweetest Things, A beautiful mind, Aliens2, Eyes Wide Shut, The Others, Titanic (oopss) ....

All of us spent alot and it was real fun... Bitched for the whole day by cowie, tim and his whatever stuff and Mark, wow, he really can stand the "normal" crowd.

Went to giant in the end cos of my big mouth.. Told my mum that i will be going in my fren's car to JB and bought detergent, milk, bread and other groceries.... I mean the REAL fun was the faces of those custom police officers when they saw the stuff that we bought in the car boot by 4 young boys.. They were really suspicious!

But the jam at the causeway point was GAO GAO! it's crazy! and the way that cars over-took each other there was MADNESS. But during the jam we were looking at all the drivers, some digging their noses, fat aunties with jiggly arms trying to be road bullies, an ah lian drinking yakult, and yeah teasing kids... haha, no way am i going to drive my new car there anytime soon.

awwW.. damn shag at this moment of time.. But damn satisfied. And guilty, thinking that my recess was spent playing and enjoying. Gonna dig the books REAL soon.
damm fun lor i also want !
Sigh too bad you were not here, asked you to go back later wat! haha nevermind, we can do this again the next time you are back, real soon!
xenical is weird shit man... dun think i want to try it again...
haha but i think it is damn good... though it is gross.. haha
should take it while taking those ultra oily food!