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Birth is a bizarre, beautiful and extremely moving film about a woman who cannot move on with her life after losing her husband.

Many people find the screenplay shallow and extremely unconvincing, thinking that a closure will be given at the end of the film. However, there are no answers given, only questions asked. This is not a movie about reincarnation. This is a film about love, and a woman escaping reality. The extend of her love for her dead husband is so strong she believes in everything.

Absurd, insane and totally unbelievable, Birth is a film about what Anna wants to see and believe, making everything in it totally subjective. In short, this film is only for crazy people like me who believe that love, in short, is more unexplained than the mystery of reincarnation.
i want to MOVE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
... and she could not live a life.

Gosh, if I am like that, I'd die.
i think somehow it's a beautiful life.... ....

to possess a love so strong.
(Deleted comment)
the boy ah? =P
i think ultimately it coincides ... ...
Aiyoh~ You crazy people~ Shooo drama~

oh is it the movie about a lady who thought this boy was a reincarnation of her late husband?
anyway ..... u should catch manchurian candidate.... the story line was a bit far fetch but still interesting .... :)
and i miss you ........ :(
so lonely here without u and simon .........
glad u enjoyed the movie. I on the other hand, have never felt this let down by a movie before.
it's for obscure reasons why i like the movie. i understand that this film is not for everyone. it's quite a difficult art film.