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I can't stop eating since lunch time and it's only my first day at work.

The snickers hazelnut is actually quite yummy.
go and key in the data la!!!
pot calling the kettle black!!!
STOP EATING AND DO WORK! Otherwise, I'll go in and slap your butt. :P
wah so fierce.. lucky i not working there..
u are back in spore now alrdy meh.. whre u working nw..:)
yeah just came back not too long ago.. i working in ubi now. quite near where you live. i think...
must have a bag of sng buay by your phone so you can suck while gossiping on the phone!
but you never call me to gossip!! boo hoo!!
oh the monkey is back ?
when is mahjong ? hee hee MUAKS
wah! welcome back!!

when are we going ktv??
stop eattttinngg!! later become fat monkey how! :p
cos you dun wanna meet me! BOO HOO!
what are u working as ah?
i am working as a coffee boy hahaha (dun tell you)
OMG.....the snickers bars have so much fat in them!!! STOP!!!!
chocolate are vegetables. Very good for health.

feel free to eat more.
be good when we are away. good monkey =)
YOU guys better be good! hmph! bring me along!!!
looks like you are making your whole body accessory just like cowie!
what's wrong with his body? hahahaha anyway i am going to gym tonite lor!