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No more bloody essays till next semester. Now can start packing to come back to sun tan.
better read more ah!!
orh shee fu! *kowtow*
yesyesyes!! more tropical sunshine!
and less threats of skin cancer. the sun here is in aussie is dangerous! when you gg back? woo hoo
no sun been raining
how to suntan for snowball liddat?! *sulk*
I hate you two!!!

22 days to do and 4 exams to clear!! *haiz*

see u guys back in sg....I'll be yr neighbour on certain days remb!
oh... so sad... that means i will stay in singapore for another 19 days without you. bt you just went back during september so it's far!!! thr33 more dayz!
come back to me mimi! come back to cold mountain!
it's been raining like london recently... no hab sun...
huh? is it!? damn it! when is it going to stop!!!
wah.. finish essay also no call me go out.... k la.. looks like ur programmes in Singapore's jam-packed.. see u back in MELBOURNE next year.. haha..
hahahah wah i very heng hor. just now call you heng ah heng ah
ok la..this two weeks only 3 days got rain in singapore.... the rest of the days are still sunshiny days.....
ni shi shui?