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Today when I was walking bengy I saw fi5e red cars in a row.

That makes today a Super Good Day.
hehehe...so cute...are u autistic too?
you are the evil emma that murdered the dog in the night time!!!
hehe....... must tell us wat gd things happened today. =P
saw five red cars. that makes it a good day. don't you understand?

::scratches head::
as in tt's all? i get it la.... but.... erm.... nvm. forget it. *blurz*
i loved that book :)
haha ya lor.. me too! :)
what is love?
love is something better than seeing 10 red cars in a row :)
love is seeing 10 red ferraris outside your house and they all belong to you
love is blind. seeing a cow as a stallion, or a crow as an eagle.
hahah cow as a stallion ... so pregnant with meaning this one ... .lol
act cute alert...

erm. dunno who act cut vacuuming carpet in erm ... nvmind
and u hate yellow (or is it brown?) heh..

that's a super book.. love it!
yes i think it's brown... hee hee it's an ugly color anyway!
ahha..yeah lor.. and i always look horribly old in brown.. yucks
got see car plate number? i go and buy 4D.. =D
unfortunately. and the car plate numbers here are not 4 numbers one. unlike singapore's. so cannot buy 4d wor!
red car, my fav. ur side the car have theirs on a monthly basis or 8 monthly?
(Tai Yi Ma)

sorry ... it's the cow who have erm tai yi ma not me! i only have banana juice!
and i see someone has been reading!!! =p
it's a damn good book hor!!
i've always been reading! hee esp when it's so boring down here in melb. anyway i read tat book quite some time ago and yesterday was the first time i saw 5 red cars in a row lor! tee hee and yesterday was quite a good day INDEED!
indeeed indeed!! =p