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Today is just so damn suay. Kenna fined $150 for not paying a $3 tram fare. Talk about being cheapo. Should have just slept in and skipped my stupid tut. Blah.

Now waiting for the bloody ticket to arrive. Well at least I just finished one essay. 2 more to go. Can't wait to get out of this crazy place.
oh my poor littol baby.... sayang sayang..
OMG! what happened?!
One more reason to come back now!
u never pay for tram ride and u want to complain?? hahahahahahhaa... orbi good la u :P
hmmm honestly right, when your ticket arrive, you'll be back in Singapore liao lu... hmmm have u figured out the logistics? better call them, otherwise they send a warning letter and fine you even more!

got penalty for not paying in time ah! and they are desperate for money now... that's why they are all over the place!
how long does the letter take to come ah ????
erm about a month I think... u better call them up to settle it la, or not very mar fan...
and becareful... the next time you get fine it's $200~~~