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The life I have now is not exactly what I thought of when I was a very strange little kid. Then again, things change so drastically, that if one does not look back, with fond memories or not, you would have forgotten your old identity. Point is, in some strange ways, livejournal reminds me of who I am. When I went to look at my first LJ birthday entry exactly 2 years ago, http://www.livejournal.com/users/yubin/2002/10/27/ , I was thoroughly amused. Batman suit and all. It was halloween actually but oh well, nothing much changes. Now daring enough to wear sailor uniforms (see kevin82's entry.

Of course that is not the point. The point is most of the people around me have changed. Yet, of course, i feel extremely grateful and loved for those who've stayed through with me, for I can really be a pain in the neck (just let me know when my birthday is over). But looking at those familiar faces, and those that are not around, those that came back, those that have never left me yet changed so much, blah blah blah. Love you all. Dun need no wallets whatsoever. Birthday is just a day to remind yourself that life is worth living for those who love you, erm, momentarily...

This year is special 'cos it's my first bday spent in a foreign land (other than the one I spent on my 12th birthday in perth), the first time with moo (despite we've been together for like 2 years minus this and that) and all the faces i want to see yet can't see (will see soon). It's kinda nice and warm, to make me even cherish and remember my past with such fondness.
Ah har! Finally...

Happy Birthday Yubin! =)
happy monkey day!
Happy Birthday big boy :D
Cake! Cake!! Grrrr...!!

Happy B'day!
happy birthday =)
happy birthday!

Ok... fine. It's your birthday so you can post that horrible picture of me...

But yeah, hell glad you did. So many memories...

:: tears ::

HaPPy BirThDaY MiMi~
happy birthday!!
(For me, will never imagine myself in a batman suit, haha..)

Did u go biting people in that batwoman suit?
happy birthday ong pin pin :)
*hugs & kisses and more hugs and more kisses* for the bIRFDAY monkey!!! heeeee...
che.. hope u'll enjoy urself oki.... eat more and take pics and post la! heee...
luv u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
see you real soon, ya?
Happy Birthday Dear.

Really hope to see u soon.
Selamat Har Hari Jadi Hadi jadi!
Happy birthday to a fellow Monkey.....=)
yappie bhua-lay...

Arghhh, classic that photo

gosh, i think that is the first pic of you that i saw (before adding u as my fren)....2 years ago?

Happy Birthday.
happy burfday dear!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! *POps confetti*
Woah, happy birthday! i didnt know monkey and born cow so close together also hahaa
Happy Birthday mimi!
Mama loves you! (almost kissed the Batman too!)
happy burfdae
Happy Bday!