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I woke up this morning to see my precious 3 year old LV wallet tored up by lovely bengy. It's totally heart break lor. 300 bucks for his dessert. Then never mind, diarrhoea from LV overload. I whack and I tied up his snout and I caned and caned and I hurt my leg in the process. Locked him up most of the day in the laundry room and I sat outside the living room, almost fainted from high blood pressure. Go report RSPCA.

Then when I was panting while having a bloody ciggie, images of my mother beating me came back again. Sigh. I miss mummy so much. I can truly understand how she felt, and at the end of the day, no matter how angry a parent can get, he/she will always welcome back the long lost son/daughter.

Guess what bengy is doing now? He's licking my wound from beating him. I feel bad again for beating him. But at least I meant well. There mommy, children always love their parents too.
I think.
OMG you use an LV wallet??? like how aunty can?!?! :P

I dun blame bengy for eating that... haha!
bitch. rub it in! piak! i ask bengy to bite your wallet
wah..bengy has expensive taste! eh..ur LV wallet really looks.....erm nevermd..

dogs do forgive n forget easily i think..i think cats are the ones that bear a grudge :P
he ate my cake and eat blue cheese. he's a smart pooch.

but yeah, hope you are rite. hope he forgets quickly
its old anyway la
another reason to get a new one.
*poor bengy*
oh well. will get a paul frank one then. hahaha

*poor monkey*
had a dog who ate my phone... that was a techno geeky dog.

Dogs can sense the pain of their master.

Well, time to get a new wallet too, maybe bengy thought so... hehehe

hope everything is well.
hey .. hope everything's well back in singapore too. we coming back also. maybe can catch up.

dun stay at home everyday lar. heh ....
wahh u nue dai bengy manz..:P

btw hws life lately..looks like u haing gd life now manz..
coming back soon! must meet up for coffee ok!!!!

and hello. it's my bengy nue dai me lor!
oh no, poor wallet!
shouldnt have gone clubbing!!!!! urgh!!! expensive clubbing!!
pooor bengy!!!

yea i agree with you absolutely. the whole world may not forgive, but a mother will always forgive her child, despite whatever wrongs he has done.
yeah, i miss home..... sigh
a goood excuse to ask the cow to buy you a new wallet.

bengy looks so sad in that pic.
tee hee..... no lar. think i will buy a cheapo one.... yeah ... he always give me that sad look. it always work! cannot fall for his tricks!
do canning help in teaching your children?

i grew up being caned by my dad all the time so i did tell myself that i will educate my children by telling them reasons instead of through physical pains. but looking at the amount of pesky kids running around town, i do feel like canning them too! lol

anyway, take it as a new reason to get a new wallet! =))
actually i dunno. but as a parent dun think you can help it. or at least i cannot help beating them hahaha

but anyhow. are you going to have kids? kekeke
Look at bengy's face!! omG, heartbreaking!
should post a pic of my face. more heartbreaking!
well, I dunno. I'm kinda ambivalent towards my parents. but then again, my parents are a little bit on the weird side. Like, weirder than I am.
haha weirder? neh you are not weirder lar. so hmm your parents should be ok. =)
i feel sorry for ur wallet..but..but..but.. POOR BENGY!!!!!

heart will break one lei.. dun beat him so hard lah che!
sobz. he deserved it. anyway. think he forget already. now he's happy and pouncy haha
Aiyo poor bengy! The pic so sad one leh....

But But But.... dogs sometimes do things like this to get attention... have you been neglecting Bengy... har har????

And this trend of people and LV.... first nanhai aka Jake then you ... sure someone else oso one..... haha!
hahahaha bengy has alot of attention lor. i was SLEEPINg when he ate it up. so erm ya. if you consider that neglect, maybe lor. then i shouldnt sleep. keep an eye on him ALL THE TIME!
OMG! Is that an orh bak kak on top of his left eye!
MAMA will always love her children and grandchildren. =)
you want to see the wound on my leg!!!!

mama come and sayang me!!!!