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Just watched the show the UNfaithful ( spoilers included )
people trying to live a life with double identities
( are all people living like that )
will you miss the romance and excitment of your lifetime at the expense of the current stability and security you are having?
( is it love or just adventure )
is there no one you can trust?
( a marriage of 11 years spoilt by a charming young boy )
How can you carry on a marriage with the guilt inside you forever?
How can you forgive your spouse who has been sleeping around?
haha... reminds u of me??
why u surprised i posted something.. i do read it.. yah.. God gave me two paths to take.. i'm the one who's going to choose it.. But HE'll be beside me...
I am unfaithful ? hahaha but i am not talking about which path to take. it's about living 2 lives at a time