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Just watched the show the UNfaithful ( spoilers included )
people trying to live a life with double identities
( are all people living like that )
will you miss the romance and excitment of your lifetime at the expense of the current stability and security you are having?
( is it love or just adventure )
is there no one you can trust?
( a marriage of 11 years spoilt by a charming young boy )
How can you carry on a marriage with the guilt inside you forever?
How can you forgive your spouse who has been sleeping around?
i am going to watch it.
I think you better catch it soon cos the run in singapore is finishing haha
haha... reminds u of me??
why u surprised i posted something.. i do read it.. yah.. God gave me two paths to take.. i'm the one who's going to choose it.. But HE'll be beside me...
I am unfaithful ? hahaha but i am not talking about which path to take. it's about living 2 lives at a time
hmm I watched in on VCD some time ago.. not very nice show ley... anyway this just goes to show that everyone makes mistakes. Some graver than others.
Maybe it's telling you about what mistakes NOT to make, that's why it is NC-16, though there are so many nude scenes, and i am wondering why other R(A) shows like the sweetest things and birthday girl are R(A) when there are NO nude scenes.

The story line is ok, but still within it's simplicity, i came out from the cinema feeling damn stoned. oH, and Diane Lane is very pretty for her age, and yeah, the acting is damn solid
i dun understand the part when she went into the train toilet and took out her undies....
I think it's because she feels damn dirty having sex.. that's why she is trying very hard to clean herself there. That's why.
Hmm.. I thought that she got horny thinking about what she did while on the train and wet herself!
haha i really didnt think so! she was very guilty about it the first time she did it... dont ya think so ? i mean, the way she cleaned herself was hysterical and she threw her panties out of the train!