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A special day 'cos the cow is one year older (and my love for him is another day older)


hAvE tO bE nicE, iT's HiS bdAy! i dun UsuAlly beliEvE in pDa
wah, so sweet. ::envy mode on::

u baked urself one ah?

Help me say Happy Birthday to the cow.
happy birthday lao gu!!!

looks like poo.
from bengy?

hah hah. Happy Mooday.

oh it's moo moo day!
no wonder he is telling me you guys are drinking wine on a monday night!!!

happy moo day cowie!
Happy bersdays to you moomoo!
happy birthday to cowie! =p
Happy Birthday moo moo! Mama loves you!
Do you want more of what you got last year? =)
happy birdday cowie ;)
Happy Sweet 16th! =)
I wanted to say Happy MooMooDay, but everyone else beat me to it!!

Sweetest 18th dearest moomoo!!
happy birthday cowie, that cake looks weirdly tasty... now wat tanned piece of hide would you like for this bday :)
happy birthday to the cow.. 1 year older..

dun get too depressed.. mine is coming this weekend too.. =(

awww....happy birthday cowie!

miss u both!!!

have lotsa good sex and ... more good sex huh! hur hur......
no wonder he was smiling ... i tot it was just cos of the bonk u gave him last night...

Happy BERTHdaE COOOOoooooooooOoooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!
happy cow day!
Rather weird to post a happy birthday wish to cowie as part of the comments to this post but I guess he'll be able to read it....=)

So Happy 28th to Cowie.....!
help me wish him a happy moomoo day!
Happy Birthday to MOO MOO. Why so few candles huh?? tot MooMoo is reaching thirties ...... kekeke hahahhaa :P

happy birthday moomoo!! Cant wait for next month! :D

many many more years with the cow hor...
HaPPy MoO MoO~!!!

May your udders be constantly MilkeD~!!!
like my droppings like icing...:)
Yiks, i forgot to pay tribute to his royal bovine-ness!!!
Happy belated poping out day!
May Bovril always be yummy!