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Boys Don't Cry is so sad, so depressing, and ultimately, like all queer/gay/bi/lesbo/trans/perverse films, the characters all ended up dead or totally fucked up. So this is queer theory. So this is a story of a queer life. Theories are all about stereotypes and limitations. The researching part can be damn interesting, but it's all the same. Brandon Teena/Teena Brandon just reminds me of a particular butch friend. Saibu/captain joe. I have never imagined myself to be a butch/lesbian, but hey, this film, through transgender gaze, affects me deeply. When you regard yourself as a guy, and gets raped by guys, can be very depressing (of course gays think otherwise). When will the discrimination end? When will queers be considered normal? It will never happen I suppose.
its a true story set in a un gay friendly enviornment, in the mid west....
the community has achieved a lot over the years...but doesnt mean we can take for granted...
just like singapore. but singapore still can charge people for fellatio ya noe? no unatural sex. no poke in the backside hur hur hur
the laws needs to be changed definelty. but then oral sex is illegal to everyone in singapore...not only us gays.
precisely. why must the law even restrict our sexual performances and acts? Such a kaypo govt