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When jaz_aug was in Melbourne she brought Singapore's weather along. A new day without ikepod's fag hag, the weather here immediately changed for the worse - sad, gloomy, cold, rainy and depressing. Crazy weather. I need to get my ass back to Singapore before I go insane again. So I went to STA Travel agency and bought my air tickets back (flying qantas). Subject to any changes (don't want anyone to act surprised when I am back in Singapore you know who you are bitch really qi si wo), I should be back on the 8th Nov. If I can get a job then I will extend my stay throughout the holiday till, erm after Valentine's Day?

Is there going to be any drag party this time round 'cos it failed the last time. I really want to see my friends in drag (can I drag as well?). Hopefully I can catch up with some friends whom I missed the last time round and people who are coming back this time round (takuma, piggywiggy divine blah blah). Mahjong, wakeboarding, KL, BKK, KTV, shopping, sun tanning, boy boy watching, mi hun guey, laksa and little sheeps and goats.

Then back to reality. 2 times 2500 words essays + 2 times 1500 words essays. 5 kilos to lose. Breasts to build. Ciggies to quit. jiggly arms are to go. After finishing the peanut butter sandwich, wine and maggi mee in front of me, I am going to starve myself tomorrow onwards. Then again who is going to bother? I am so going to miss bengy lor.

P.S. renton you better come back or else ah ma bo hua hee!
aiyah.. quitting is really more difficult then i thought it will be. you get very edgy and anal and you just can't stop being depressed and angry and crazy. sigh. wish me luck. must catch up when i am back okay!
actually was told by two person just now that it's better to try to keep the number of ciggies down to a lower amount than to try to quit it altogether.

They said if you try to quit immediately, normally will have "rebound" thingie. But once u managed to keep it low, and maintain that amount, you'll gradually grow to dislike the taste, and quit it naturally. Wonder if it's true, but no harm trying.

Yes, let's catch up when u're back. Kinda miss both of you.
tee hee... ok ok will try to cut down first. but haiya i just hate quitting...

anyway will definitely meet up when we go back lar! go roller blading your favourite kekeke