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Spent the previous friday hanging around with so many Singaporeans for the first time since I came back. mightymonkey, Andrew, fartingale, Dexter, Alvin and Desmond went clubbing at the always horrible PEEL and chilled out later at fartingale's place ... The familiar Singlish that surrounded me for one night not only provided me with such comfort and ease, it also reminded me how homesick I was. Hopefully I should be able to go back before mid-Nov, if everything turns out right :-

(1) Find a temporary accomodation 'cos Dowager donated my room to my sister in the next few months thinking I will not return
(2) Find a gigi-caretaker
(3) And a part-time job in Singapore to keep me from over-clubbing

Till then, hope everything will turn out O.K. (not great, an O.K. will be a blessing indeed). But hey, at least jie jie jaz_aug will be flying in tomorrow!!! Can't wait to see her!
Come find me~!!!
Wanna go down under too~!!!

*** WAILS ***