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Had my fitness test done at PLANET FITNESS yesterday. Here are the results.


-45.0ml/kg.min (within the good range 44.23 - 46.98)

-PUSHUPS 79points ( GOOD )
-SITUPS 94points ( EXCELLENT )

WEIGHT: 138lbs = 62.8kg
LEAN BODY MASS: 115.1lbs
FAT MASS: 22.9lbs
% BODY FAT= 16.6% ( Good )

WELLNESS AGE: 18 ( I look 18!! )

Biceps: 29cm ( decreased 2cm from 31cm 3 months ago )
Chest: 73cm ( decreased 17cm from 90cm 3 months ago )
Waist: 27inches ( decreased 2inches from 29inches 3 months ago )
Hips: 89cm ( increase 1cm from 88cm 3 months ago )

Feelings : Sad. cos i didnt realise my chest shrunk so much. Hips become bigger dunno for what! biceps also smaller! sigh... other than that, its ok.. should improve more on my pushups, and decrease the body % fat.....

Resolutions : No more supper (SHIT!! i just ate ZHOK!)
Do weights for at least 2 times a weeks.
Cardio ( running/swimming for at least 2 times a week )

Oh.. and smoke less. because the government is so keen to stop us from smoking
yes now wanna cut down also difficult whenever the urge comes will have to buy a big pack in future... gah'men is damn stupid
haha yeah it's crazy! sigh whatever they want lar... just smoke smoke smoke!!! haha
oh yee pin...... my virgin comment on ur journal... was reading it last night. too ermmm. u know how i was feeling last night to comment..... how come ur planet always give u this test that test one?? my stupid cali dont do such stuff. but i measure myself la..... next time than tell u how .. i going HK... wat a slut i am.. who cares.. life is boring... do something exciting.. sexciting in this case......... muacks.. love you.. didnt go out with ivy to night afterall........ want to talk to u some day soon.... some day la.. u so bz everyday.. mahjong la, gym la, ok.. shant mention anyone here, swimming la, so many things.. not like me.. only school and gym... dont even have the time for my fave past time already.. shopping that is... life so boring now....
oh it's suzy here....
Yeah i know. heard from HC that you went to devil's bar? I miss you too, and that i am surprised you posted a comment.

Life is full of choices. No matter which path you take, just make sure you dun regret, and most important of all, be happy. And that all the things you do can be justified by a good reason.

Will catch ya b4 you go HK.