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People always come back to the same question. Friends change lover changes blah blah florence duomo 30 years old birthday blah blah
are people too idealistic or too realistic?

then i realised.... why do i keep asking whether other people will change... what about me? will i change? have i changed?

I think i have. i seemed so different last time. seemed so near. so close. it's abit sad, actually. when you realised you've lost your old self. together with your old self, you lost so many precious memories. from 'all you need is love' to 'walk one step count one step' from 'perfectionist' to 'blah bah whatever'

At least i still ask myself this question. will others change?

Me haben changed wor wor~!
Me feelings for MiMi still same if not more wo wor~!
See? See there? See high high up there?
Yeah wor~! You're right~! Me feelings for MiMi HIGHER WoR WoR~!!!

*** GiGGLe GiGGLe GiGGLe ***
yeah lor cos you are always HIgH hiGh WOR woR~!!!
*** GiGGLe GiGGLe WoR WoR ~!!! ***

Sama Sama lah~
i've changed.
oh well.. then i suppose my theory is right, no one stays the same
the funny thing is, sometimes i don't even know which is the REAL me... like "i used to be like that but now im like this"... and there are changes all around constantly.. sometimes im confused.
I absolutely noe what you mean. wonder if most of us are going thru' an identity crisis.... sobz
ya lor, mebbe im les.... LOL..
and you notice it more when you're away from home too.
yeah. and i miss home damn f***ing alot man!
change is part of life ..

we're always constantly evolving and adapting and adjusting to everything around us ... situations, people, places, stress-levels, love, hate, politics, parents, pets, lovers, friends, tragedies, teachers, cruelty, generosity, jealousy, aspirations, disappointments, windfalls

the most important thing i guess is are u happy with who you are at the moments u look deep within

yeah i suppose so. i guess i should get used , and adapt to this changing 'theme' surrounding human beings
pple change...everybody does...
i did...changed so much within a year...
maybe that is just part of growing up i guess....
good or bad? do know..
but i believe..
we can modify that change....
i suppose. i can only hope changes are always for the better instead for the worse. impossible though
people dunt change, i don't wake up to find out tat i m not me one day.
the enviroment change, everything around u change, emotion change, situation changes, people don't change.
... sigh... hey miss you ....

one day come and look for you ok ? hope you are alrite hugs!