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Memorable day ?

1) Almost crashed into a car coming out of nowhere --> luckily made a spectacular swerve to avoid a nasty accident

2) Saw my friends' titties and kkbs in a truth or dare game but i chickened out on the dare of showing my dickie poo (shy)

3) Being the most horrible singer in SingStar
whats kkbs?

*realisation dawns*


i must be seeing things... too tired.. sleeep sleep
erm. you saw my kkb!?!?
exciting life i say haha
please. cannot be more exciting than yours. i want to go new york. i want a renton-jetsetting lifestyle
but you're good at singing! were you DRUNK????
erm. you heard me sing b4 ah ?
er YES
show us yr dickie poo!!!!!!!!!
erm. then will you give my dickie poo a suckie moo ?
can i be the water boy the next time u guys play truth or dare?
yes. you have to strip naked first though
then no fun liao ...
ooh.... yy din't u do it! so unsporting! I did tt in sec sch! wahaha! the last time i played truth or dare, i was made to smooch a grl. bleahz!
heh cos i am conservative and shy. cannot anyhow show one.
haha!!! =P
not sporting!!!

i din even play truth or dare before...boooo...
piak! dun tell me if you are asked to strip you will!??
i played strippoker before...count? But that's another story...
hor~~~hor... never show us your kukujiao ah!?!?!??!!