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Just broke another glass. Dunno whether i am getting old or what, damnit. Bad monkey! Unlucky year! Break glass break lamp break bowl break plate break spoon now toothbrush holder also can break.


as long as no hearts are broken.

who said so? everytime i broke a glass my heart just shatters! my beloved little toothbrush holder. =(
i liked it so much
I was about to say what ITW just said..

glass is ok, not mirror mah! =)
but why have i beem breaking things like every now and then recently ? very clumsy lor.

no a good omen... havent been breaking things for a long time then suddenly keep breaking things
落地开花, 开花结果

must think of the bright side of things ok?

*sings* always look on the bright side of life... *whistles*
hahaha you dun say me.

you also lar. we are all pessimistic people what to do?
old ones never break
new ones never come ;P
oh.... so i see

*breaks more old glasses*
break your ciggie fast!!! NYAK NYAK!!!!
*mends ciggie and continues puffing*
haha i think we entered into a bad luck zone..

i dropped my laptop, dropped my handphone, slipped and knocked my leg on the bus yesterday.. then just only.. a plank fell and scratched my leg....

yeah lor. why both of us always so suay one huh? sigh

really bad year =(
hmmmwell hey, u didnt break up like me...like...many times?
haha... actually mebbe u n him got fight leh jie...

When age is an issue...u're always younger than me what...right???

Anyway, maybe you need a break...no pun intended
hahaha *breaks a kit kat*

so corny. i need plastic around me!
u gym too much. u have too much strength in u.
hahahaha i wish lor.

havent been gyming too much. been sick. =(
erm. it's only mirrors sweetie. don't worry! *hugs*

oh yeah. and can I have my muffin pan back PLEASSSSE? maybe I'll meet you guys in the city one day. ;)
yeah yeah no problem just pick it up whenever you want. buzz me or what lar?

and dear... you meant " it's only glasses sweetie" rite? =P
harliew my beloved,

i went to the temple and prayed for u ... i decided to ask the supremency for help ..

this is what u must do ... as according to them ...

1)prepare a bowl of steaming hot rice
2)place it below bengy's .. erm, .. poo poo area
3)let the steam rises and condenses at the poo poo area
4)use finger to dap dap the p.p.a
5)suck on the finger
6)Viola! u r a brand new man!

Pls thank me many many if it works.
sounds like nasi kang kang where if you want your lover to be forever with you or just anyone who you want to fall in love with, you put the steaming rice between your legs, wait for the steam to condense on your thighs and wait for the water to drip into the rice...then u give your beloved one to eat....
they say they will never leave you...ha!
no mirror right?? It's about tmie you change everything frm glass to plastic. heehee.
yeah i also say..... clumsy monkey fingers!