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Sadness is also unavoidable when one becomes a woman. For, 'One is not born a woman but becomes one'

Now I know why are there so many depressed people around me.
"im every woman, its all in me,.."
are you quoting freud or sth. he's a gross man.
and why is virginity a permanent disability?
Virgin is a permanent disability. It marks the inexperience of women as an enduring reality in a man's world. Women will always be unsure how to react, what to be, when to do, for the rules of the games being played are not made by them nor for them. You cant even tell where the dividing line between a joke and and sexual harrassment is exactly. Virginity is a mark of unattractiveness, that you have not been desired or consumed by a man. So virginity is a waiting by the pure young virgin of 17. But the waiting can never end. For consummation does not end it. Unlike food, the woman is still there to be desired, to be consumed again. Thus, after marriage particularly, there is always the return to virginity, the unwanted fat virgin of 28. The trajectory is not developmental, evolutionary, progressive. Woman as a meaningful gendered construct is condemned to a cycle of apprehensive pauses. Whether young or old, it's the same condition.
hahahah. good one!
Who? *lol*