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Stupid MSN keep logging me off.

Gigi poo bengy just licked some essential oil from the bloody burner. Will he die?

Neck sprain. Bad sleeping position. How to change?

One essay after another. After i finish another 6 essays it's time to visit my lovers and friends in sunny Singapura ( btw I am now writing about the crisis of the traditional family in erm Singapore.... )

Congrats to me for the following as well: 1mth anniversary of non-clubbing weekends/weekdays; going to reach the status of non-smoker soon ( only when i have not smoked like 1 mth do i consider myself a non-smoker? )

I love irritating people, especially those who love me. And those who love me are obsessed with irritating the hell out of me. I think i enjoy it? i think people irritate each other to keep them alive and motivated.

"I am a poor little sheep with no place to sleep"

Oh yes before I forgot, bengy just came today 'cos i sorta relieved him. sick rite?
wah.. everybody can speak french liao ah!
hahahaha yes of course.. you didnt know that meh ? i took french lessons one what!
Avez-vous vraiment apprendris Francais?? -_-
Oui naturellement. Je devrais vous avoir dit des types plus tôt. Mais vous des types n'avez jamais demandé...
Mais... je ne rememore pas... -_-
peut-etre vous me pouvez instruire Francais? Je veux plus pratique... s'il vous plait?

p.s. Comment est-ce que vouz mettre l'accent en une entree?
oui je charge environ cent cinquante dollars par heure pour des cours particuliers français.
Je ne stupide pas, cependent mon Francais est evidemment mauvais...
vous êtes toujours stupide !
what a talented monkey!