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Stupid MSN keep logging me off.

Gigi poo bengy just licked some essential oil from the bloody burner. Will he die?

Neck sprain. Bad sleeping position. How to change?

One essay after another. After i finish another 6 essays it's time to visit my lovers and friends in sunny Singapura ( btw I am now writing about the crisis of the traditional family in erm Singapore.... )

Congrats to me for the following as well: 1mth anniversary of non-clubbing weekends/weekdays; going to reach the status of non-smoker soon ( only when i have not smoked like 1 mth do i consider myself a non-smoker? )

I love irritating people, especially those who love me. And those who love me are obsessed with irritating the hell out of me. I think i enjoy it? i think people irritate each other to keep them alive and motivated.

"I am a poor little sheep with no place to sleep"

Oh yes before I forgot, bengy just came today 'cos i sorta relieved him. sick rite?
pourquoi les pensées aléatoires? pense à moi! hahaha

bonne nuit kiki
J'ai des randoms parce que mon cerveau est mort. Naturellement je penserai à vous. Les rêves doux et pensent à moi aussi !
I am a poor little sheep with no place to sleep
When the sun goes down I start to weep...

*sings along*

into_the_wild:please open the door and let me in

yubin:not with that wool you chinny chin chin you cant fool us with that phony sheep skin
you neglect to mention the other eventful thing that happened to bengy tonite...
go and tell the world world about me lor!

yes. gigi poo came today.
Gigi poo won't die.
His poo poo will just smell really nice!
actually no. that mad cow bought some really awful scents

that means essential oils are not toxic?
Dun think he will die lor, not that potent as poison. Just nice breath.

I had stiff neck for last four days too. Should buy a support pillow or get someone to give u a good massage.

How long have you not touched cigarettes????

Irritating part is true lor, that's what keep couples together for years. They pick and quarrel with each other for years...as if they can't stand each other. But deep down they still love each other alot.
no little boy boy to gibe me massage, cows dun give massage, they kick

erm for this past week i didnt smoke for 4 days, and erm took a few ciggies in the other days lor....

but the impt thing is i didnt spend any money on ciggies at all lar

and yeah. i think i will just keep irritating people.

*poke poke*
u guys are soooo sickkkkk -_-
Hee hee.. come come let daddy help you also
do u wipe him from behind or in between his legS....
will show it to you when i meet you ok ??
u jerked the dog. *speechless*

anyways, I think there someone told me abt beating the dog (not literally though) once... hmmmm, i'm still grossed out abt it...
hahaha hey!!! we must be fair to all sex and animals!! animals deserve to have the pleasure of living too!
omg. that is just nasty!!!
erm. are you going to report to the spca?

No ley.. let him wank himself la.. aiyoh
sigh... i did not wank the dog. truth is the dog erm humped my fist.,.. erm,... hard to picture hor?
ya, actually it's kinda sick...ewww.

should just let him hump himself lor.
actually the dog hump himself... i just made a hole for him to hump....o_O
next time you come i show you!
che che... oh no.. what did u do!!!!!! EWWWWWWWW......!!!!!!


but i am not into beastiality lar!! just helping my son only .... not attracted to him. but i think bengy's in love with me!
Dage must be damn bored loooooooh

alot anot??
not alot lar,... it could be pre-cum actually... cos it's like drip a few drops hahaha
something about bestiality must be making this one of the longest... threads ever..

truthfully speaking... erm ... i have really seen comments that hit over 300+ so.. this is really nothing comparatively... o_O