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sOmE ThINgs aRe wOrTH FiGHtinG fOr
Good grades perchance monkey?
erm. actually no. not so early lar! hee
SHe BanG, SHe BanG?
I just learnt this one haha... It's Stay Home, Be Good... :P
erm.. how come suddenly everyone using this shbg?
Dunno leh, Ilearn from the doggie one :P
I Bang You! *piak*
promises, promises :P
tee hee boo boo!
erm.... no lar.... dunno leh.. it's just my motto for the moment.

like in cold mountain ? haha
Oh and the usericon is so.. er xin! :P
thanks.... that's the whole purpose! hur hur hur

*translation: I agree!
kiki kiki*

*translation: the motto that keeps us going!
things like???
truth freedom beauty and love?
gotta agree.....