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This is week 2 and today is day 14. Resisted all temptations to smoke any today despite i am suffering from great stress for my bloody assignments. just finished a 1500 word essay and another 2500-essay due in 10 days.

Day 8 : 6
Day 9 : 4
Day 10: 3
Day 11: 3
Day 12: 2
Day 13: 2
Day 14: 0

What can be a nicer reward than having one nice puff now? hai...
save money also lar! =P
i`ve been starving myself to save money. Just bought this cd i really wanted! heehee... go for diet also good
why diet? not fat lar you ... heh exercise more.. dun need to diet
me not fat? dunno la. got a bit of fats. I am doing a bit of exercise only. School takes too much of my time.