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The Odyssey

Greatest Love Stories (i.e. the Famous R&J) tell us that true love lasts forever, 'cos you won't get to experience it for long. Either
one has to live with the torture of lost love, or the lovebirds have to rot together in their graveyard.

Fables and stories remind us of the 'Rosebud Syndrome' - that riches bring about loneliness - but are the poor really happy ?
If you want money and power, you've gotta dedicate every second of your life to work and your private/lovelife gets flushed down to the sewers.

Classical Hollywood Fairy Tales (Beauty & the Beast etc etc) narrates the utopian world of wealth, happiness, beauty and love, and they live happily ever after. Regardless of whether you are going to heaven or hell 'cos they ain't have no religion (or faith or truth..)?

So heaven or hell? A love that's spectacular like the fireworks in the sky ( they never last ) or the little rugged tiny bear that stays by your side till you die ( you know stuff toys dun really hug back )? Throwing your whole life away for what you really want or wasting your whole life laughing and partying ?

There there baby. Remember, balance, like the yin and the yang...

Jack of all trades and master of none. Drink to contradictions and conundrums, hopes and dreams, sorrow and tears, love and rejections - then living will be real and whole.
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