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The Birdcage is a very campy show. Silly clichè jokes aside, it triggered a deep thought.

The thought of wanting a child when I am old, to be happy when he/she walks down the church aisle, to bring me many grandchildren. Is it because of loneliness? Or human nature's desire to be remembered, so that part of me lives on, carried from one century to the next? That love lives... ...

Too bad AJs can't adopt children, and cowie is not fertile enough to reproduce, erm anymore? (he hates kids) Dogs will have to do. bengy is good enough, for the next 12 years... ...
haha can what.... this apt has 2 bitches as well haha, though the other one is a cow-bitch

dog is good lar.. keep you company.. go get one!
male dog? yah.. will seriously consider tat!!! =)
but then my partner already complain i dun show him enuf attention... wait till the dog comes, worse.. kekekeke.. =p
hmmmmm then a threesome should be the best... hee hee

so fun .. with dog some more hahaha
yes, yes!!! i'm yet to try a threesome.. LOL
i am sure your darling wun get jealous of the dog... then again cowie does get jealous of the dog sometimes... hahahaha
the cow-bitch is going to make the monkey-fool sleep in the living room tonite
i had a good sleep in the bedroom leh... you didnt make me sleep in the living room!