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The Birdcage is a very campy show. Silly clichè jokes aside, it triggered a deep thought.

The thought of wanting a child when I am old, to be happy when he/she walks down the church aisle, to bring me many grandchildren. Is it because of loneliness? Or human nature's desire to be remembered, so that part of me lives on, carried from one century to the next? That love lives... ...

Too bad AJs can't adopt children, and cowie is not fertile enough to reproduce, erm anymore? (he hates kids) Dogs will have to do. bengy is good enough, for the next 12 years... ...
I'd let you inseminate me a few times to see what happens...
you have eggs too??
bengy is very cute!!
that's true... even though my kid wun come out as cute, but bengy lives only for 12 yrs lor
(Deleted comment)
erm.. he's going to die an old dog?
i want a dog too!!! but i hate to leave it at home alone when out to work.. (unless my parents agree to take care of it for me.. but they dun seem to be keen leh.)
and my partner say a house cannot have 2 bitches... =(

but u can always get a male dog.
hmm...k lah, let's hope i give birth to many children then let u be god-mama oki! :p
but i want him for myself.... you sell me one can ?
there's me!!!!
does doggies produce embryos too ?
" I work hard for my money..ahah ahah"
that's true. thanks for reminding me. i got not enough money to spend on myself still want to spend on kids haha
i've been thinkin about adopting.. i don't know how viable that is and whether i'd be subjecting the poor kid to undue stress. Sigh
i guess i'll cross the bridge when i get to it.
U.S can adopt rite? you help me adopt one lar... or we share one child hahaha
maybe can artifical insemination loh

now lesbians can have kids leh...their embryos can be crossfertilized and act as a zygote to fertilise a serogate mother's womb..

maybe two gays can crossfertilze a serrogate mother?

but only one egg can be inseminated by one sperm mah.... how to cross 2 sperms with one egg ??

why kids? irritating spoiled noisey creatures.
cannot say that lar.. we were once cute kids too! where are you now? muaks!
that was a good movie actually. I kinda liked it.
calista actually looks good inside.. actually i thought it was too cliche the jokes.. but it's alrite lar.
immortality, take it! it's yours!
Is there no one else? Is there no one else!!!