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F***!!!!! SO OLD!!!! I will be 95 years old lor! wah lan must spend alot of money on surgery and viagra!

What will your Funeral be like?
by rashock
You will die by:Mysterious unsolved murder. The killer was never found and neither was your body. Your casket is empty and you family mourns till this day in hopes that you are still alive or died a swift death.
Death Date:May 5, 2075
Number attending your funeral?193
How much will you leave to friends and family?$2,009,650
Quiz created with MemeGen!
if u din die by 2075 i'd have killed you with my bare hands and hid your body myself! oops... lalalala...
dun worry.. if i live that long i will gladly commit suicide.. then again you might not be around then mah.. you might be with your many many sex toy boys .. =(
u live till 95.. ya old, wrinkly & useless.. & yet oni hv $2mil..
i hv 3yr more.. but same amt.. hmmm..
wah..... dun worry.. if you noe by this 3 years you dun have 2 mil means you wun die lor.. hahahaha spend all your money!
3 year meh? not 5 ah? hahahahahha
such an old age. doesn't matter how u die. if body stolen better, so we (probly not me) wun get to see your wrinkled body.
hahahaha i will make sure i will die healthy tight and pink!
Wah, I will die in 2016. It is good to die early since my identity is ......

sigh i also want to die early too lor!
Hey, you still have long way to go. :)
all my friends die early i also sian lor!
Moomoo leh?
he die 20 years earlier than me lalala
beri bad u. You are the real LAOLAO. :P
pls ok .. even if it's true i also dun want =P
Hahaa, shall ask Victoria to pass u the crown. :P
hahaha no lar.. she's till very much alive lor
Hahaha, dun get it but still farnnie!!! :P
I die the same way as you.
but i die earlier at age 89
damn it! i think all of you guys wun come to my funeral since you all die earlier than me ... sobz...
i will die in a freak accident, think i'll be 70+.
and i have 3 mil.

i think we all will die rich lei.
die rich for what? cannot spend also ! boo hoo!
Heh I almost LOL-ed in office when I read your comments about your results. Heh. :P
heh heh .... sigh even the computer is making fun of me. hope it's not true..
I die next year and leave behind a slighty larger amount leh. Terrible animal attack
shucks! next year??? that's too early for a little boy for you. come uncle here bring you go and enjoy more vices !
i think its better to die young pure and innocent. LOL
haha oh well that's quite true.. but without the innocent lar.. must try all sorts of fun things b4 one die mah!