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I was listening to music, trying to relax and suddenly bengy started barking. I was amused, thinking he has rage syndrome, silly dog my pooch. Then I watched him, as he stared in the direction of the toilet ( and not at my computer where is the music is coming out from ) and barked continuously.


It doesn't help that it's the you-know-what-month-it-is-right-now. I better go hide under my blankets.

Argh!!! I am telling the truth leh!!!! Another strange encounter by my colleague when he came here in May04 for the annual stocktaking. He was having stomach upset and rush for toilet in the middle of the night. As the stocktakers have been allocated room in the building above the cookhouse and the toilet is just beside the cookhouse. The place is usually quiet after dinner and rather eerie after midnight. I hate walking there when I was doing my BOS duty. Come back to his encounter, he told me that the heard the next cubicle beside the one he used having the noise of running water, just like someone is flushing the toilet continuously. Gosh, he just couldn't stand it and all he wanted is to finish his business fast and run back to his room.

There are a few more, wanna know?

STOP IT!!! so horrible!! i dun want to hear any more ghost stories!