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I was listening to music, trying to relax and suddenly bengy started barking. I was amused, thinking he has rage syndrome, silly dog my pooch. Then I watched him, as he stared in the direction of the toilet ( and not at my computer where is the music is coming out from ) and barked continuously.


It doesn't help that it's the you-know-what-month-it-is-right-now. I better go hide under my blankets.

chinese ghosts prefer the 7th floor.. :P

At least, 4 & 7 are the inauspicious numbers .. 13th shld be a good number if u r cantonese :P
what if the ghosts that are around are ang moh ghosts??
Tell them to bother someone else..
Unless they are bigoted racist ghosts..
in which case, hard luck!!
sigh no wonder i cant sleep well everynite.. think there are really some racist ghosts ard.. hope they are rice queens instead!