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I was listening to music, trying to relax and suddenly bengy started barking. I was amused, thinking he has rage syndrome, silly dog my pooch. Then I watched him, as he stared in the direction of the toilet ( and not at my computer where is the music is coming out from ) and barked continuously.


It doesn't help that it's the you-know-what-month-it-is-right-now. I better go hide under my blankets.

your toilet is haunted lar
remember u use to put the statue there?
now still haunted, so maybe it's not the statue

anyway the gates doesn't open/close until end of the month leh??
hehhee enjoy yourself! play tennis tomorrow ya?
enjoy myself??? YOU ARE MAD!!!!

i am not a ghost hunter anymore hee hee

tennis?? aiyah i dun like to play tennis leh .. haha go gym with me lar!
(Deleted comment)
u got tennis racquet? haha i can intro you to simon they all lor. then you guys can play doubles!