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I was listening to music, trying to relax and suddenly bengy started barking. I was amused, thinking he has rage syndrome, silly dog my pooch. Then I watched him, as he stared in the direction of the toilet ( and not at my computer where is the music is coming out from ) and barked continuously.


It doesn't help that it's the you-know-what-month-it-is-right-now. I better go hide under my blankets.

if u are an evil person who has been raping little girls, when u pee at night, a hand will pop out of the toilet bowl with a knife and slice off ur kukujiao.

i also heard of a story abt how this guy died and came back as a ghost and did the very same thing to his unfaithful btm bf...only the hand came out of the bowl and stuffed broken glass into his ass whilst the guy was taking a crap.

ok, fine...i made them up.
luckily they are not thru.. hmmm if not i bet you see erm.. "them" every night as well rite? HUR HUR HUR