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I was listening to music, trying to relax and suddenly bengy started barking. I was amused, thinking he has rage syndrome, silly dog my pooch. Then I watched him, as he stared in the direction of the toilet ( and not at my computer where is the music is coming out from ) and barked continuously.


It doesn't help that it's the you-know-what-month-it-is-right-now. I better go hide under my blankets.

if u are an evil person who has been raping little girls, when u pee at night, a hand will pop out of the toilet bowl with a knife and slice off ur kukujiao.

i also heard of a story abt how this guy died and came back as a ghost and did the very same thing to his unfaithful btm bf...only the hand came out of the bowl and stuffed broken glass into his ass whilst the guy was taking a crap.

ok, fine...i made them up.
luckily they are not thru.. hmmm if not i bet you see erm.. "them" every night as well rite? HUR HUR HUR
Does it happen there too???
At least not till your window is black with soot right?
no... it's not black with soot.. but it's very very cold...

then again, hello! you mean ghosts only exist in chinese countries? there's lots of chinese in Melb also ok!
we'll watch over you!
(that didn't come out right...)

the Monkey God will watch over his monkey friends in Singapore too!
your toilet is haunted lar
remember u use to put the statue there?
now still haunted, so maybe it's not the statue

anyway the gates doesn't open/close until end of the month leh??
hehhee enjoy yourself! play tennis tomorrow ya?
enjoy myself??? YOU ARE MAD!!!!

i am not a ghost hunter anymore hee hee

tennis?? aiyah i dun like to play tennis leh .. haha go gym with me lar!
(Deleted comment)
maybe u forgot to flush... and the stench is annoying benjy :P
nonsense! my bengy loves the smell of my pee and poo... he licks em up!
Oh it happened to me once too!! My dog barked at nothing in particular in the middle of the night in the direction of my kitchen. Thank God it was at my old place.

It didn't help that my granddad passed away in the kitchen toliet.
oh dear.. then my current apt must be damn damn creepy cos it happens many times.. living on the 13th floor some more.. shucks... =(
bowlingual reads: "there's a "straaaannnngggeeeerrr..."
damn it .. think i must get one of those bowlingual so bengy can warn us if there's erm anything uninvited.. hee hee
Pray hard dear.

I was told about the creepy stories by my colleagues on their strange encounters. Especially the toilet which is the most scariest place, one of them saw a pair of woman legs twice when he was bathing in the middle of the night.

thank you .. you are not helping!!! *piak*
In Ju-on, that "thing" is hiding under the blanket.. =p
in ring.. the thing is hiding inside your TV set... =P