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I know I have been saying this to myself for a very long time, but this time round I am really more motivated than before.

I am going to quit smoking for good, due to very motivating factors.

Deadline: 31 Oct 2004


Serious!!! I will join you!!!
haha i thought you quit already ?
Yes for two weeks and I picked up again. Argh!!! My determination ... sighed!!! I really wanna quit this time round and it seems like very difficult.

aiyoh why smoke again ? stress ah ?
Yah lor, so you still keen of quitting? Let's do it together.

of cos i am serious lar. you think i joking ah? bought this medicine take already you smoke you will feel like puking.. hope it's effective!
Serious huh, what medicine and what is the main reason you want to quit?

aiyah same reasons. troublesome. expensive. no kick from nicotine. bad breathe. bad image.

the medicine not sure what name.. will get back to you orkie?
Okie okie, no hurry!!! :)
it's called ZYBAN
wah, dun think this stupid kampung have. :(
you must go to the doc and ask one.... it's a prescription drug!
Guess I will only be able to get it from Singapore cos Taiwanese doctor cant read English. :P